264 vaccines in the pipeline

A 90% cure rate for Hepatitis C

$173b saved in cancer-related costs

833,000 fewer hospitalizations per year

93 medicines to combat Alzheimer's

350 million affected by rare diseases



Nothing has the power to curb health care costs quite like a cure.

Innovation in biopharmaceuticals saves lives. It also saves money. Every reduced hospital stay, every surgery avoided, every inoculation can help reduce healthcare costs and help ensure a better quality of life for our friends and loved ones. We are making important progress in addressing the diseases that steal our time with loved ones and burden our healthcare system. See how innovation saves — and how much it can save.

Saving Lives

Saving Money

Innovation saves, extends and improves lives.
It also saves money.

Thanks to continued reinvestment in research, advances in biopharmaceutical medicines are helping us save lives and can help save long-term healthcare costs.

These innovations are going to be needed by all of us — our sons and daughters, your mother, your father, neighbors, friends, yourself.

Ron Cohen, M.D.
President & CEO of Acorda Therapeutics
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