One of the oldest forms of biologic medicine, vaccines give our bodies immunity to an otherwise serious, or even deadly, disease. Vaccines have been used with great success against viruses that cause everything from polio to some forms of cancer.

Success with a vaccine often involves finding the right version of viral or bacterial protein to expose the human immune system to. Finding the correct proteins or even combinations of these proteins can translate to millions of lives spared from disease.

264 vaccines in the pipeline

153 companies

Current vaccines in Phase III testing include those for Ebola and dengue fever, diseases that have ravaged areas of sub-Saharan African and the tropics respectively. In our increasing interconnected world, the importance of taming these diseases before they reach larger urban centers is key.

From the CDC, Report shows 20-year US immunization program spares millions of children from diseases and the New York Times, 732,000: American Lives Saved by Vaccination